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  • Fordham University, 2000, Bachelor of Arts
  • State University of New York at Buffalo, 2005, Juris Doctorate
  • Licensed attorney in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania for over 17 years. Also, admitted in the Eastern District and Middle District of Pennsylvania as well as the Western District of New York federal courts.
  • Legal practice focused on representing clients charged with criminal offenses in both state and federal courts as well as representing students facing disciplinary proceedings in both high school and college level. Have successfully represented hundreds of clients through all stages of the criminal court process including bench and jury trials.

Title IX Cases Andrew D. Montroy Has Handled:

Disciplinary Hearings:

  1. Student charged with both disciplinary and serious criminal offenses including felonies for an incident that took place at an off-campus student apartment. Mr. Montroy was hired to represent client for both matters. He was successful in achieving a serious reduction in criminal charges as well as advise client throughout the disciplinary process. The student avoided being expelled from the institution after a lengthy disciplinary hearing.
  2. College level student charged with disciplinary infractions as a result of alleged bullying conduct with a roommate. Mr. Montroy prepared the student throughout the disciplinary process including the testimony that occurred in the hearing. Panel found in favor of the student that the charges were unfounded and against the roommate making the allegations.
  3. High school Student charged with a juvenile offense as well as disciplinary charges for bringing weapon onto school property. Mr. Montroy was successful in presenting mitigation that ultimately led to the prosecution offering a diversionary program allowing the matter to be dismissed and expunged from the juvenile’s record. Mr. Montroy appeared with the student before a high school disciplinary board. Ultimately, the student was not expelled from the school and the punishment was reduced to a suspension.
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How Can We Help ?

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